About the Author.

Neocrypter has been playing games, hacking random hardware and tinkering with new technology for the last 15 years. His passions include EvE Online, World of Warcraft, various other MMO’s, Modding various peaces of hardware to make them do things they aren’t designed to do and general Sci-Fi Goodness.

The intent behind this blog is to post information about games, tech, sci-fi and general geek-a-riffic topics which I feel I can contribute my opinions and knowledge of. Along with the countless hours I spend browsing the glistening shards of the world wide web, I have a top notch team of informants that gleam information to me all the time, usually its because they are afraid that ill somehow find a way to turn their level 85 Orc Warlock into a Gnome Warrior but i Digress I Hope you find my blog entertaining or informative or perhaps as a new obscure form of torture for your weird fetish of tormenting people with blogs… yes you.

If you have a topic you would like me to cover feel free to send an email to Neocrypter At gmail with the subject P@WN and I’ll do my best to take a look at it and cover it.

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